Mobile Apps

Dunn Solutions Group is helping companies gain an edge and achieve efficiencies using customized mobile applications.

Mobil App Services

Our team of knowledgeable designers and developers deliver attractive and high performing mobile applications that support:

  • iOS (Apple)
  • Android
  • Windows

Our methodology combines strategy, design, engineering and testing to deliver stable, well-designed and compliant applications that feature an exceptional user experience.

In addition, we offer cross platform development solutions utilizing tools such as HTML 5, PhoneGap and JavaScript. These technologies increase the value of your investment and decrease your application's time to market.

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Enterprise Mobile Applications

Today's leading organizations are using mobile applications to exchange powerful real-time information with their employees- anytime, anywhere.   Sales, fulfillment, warehouse and retail teams are using customized mobile applications in the field to achieve greater efficiency and better service.  And, as more organizations allow workers to utilize their own smart phones, they need their applications to support a range of mobile devices. 

Dunn Solutions Group has experience developing and deploying high performance mobile applications in enterprise environments. These applications require technical expertise to address complexities such as:

  • Security
  • Integration to back end systems
  • Middleware
  • Deploying to multiple platforms
  • Intermittent internet connections

Our Enterprise Mobile Solutions feature a selection of available technologies and development resources to meet your company's needs and budget.

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