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If you are not Planning for Black Friday Now, You May be Too Late

Engage More Customers and Deliver Satisfying Experiences

Beth Mackey
10 Months Ago

Marketers are in a unique position where Black Friday is about serving the interest of both their customers and their business.

To make Black Friday an exceptional event for customers and your business alike, you need to go beyond just planning what campaigns you’ll run. You need to have a comprehensive strategy for all three stages of Black Friday — before, during, and after — to maximize your ability to engage more customers and deliver satisfying experiences that drive revenue.

Black Friday and Customer Engagement

Even the best customer engagement strategy in the world won’t succeed if you don’t have technology that supports it. If you have any doubts about your current tech stack, now is the time to evaluate… before the holiday madness is upon you. Only with the right customer engagement solution can you fully enable your marketing team and position your brand as a go-to resource for holiday shoppers. You already have a tech stack in place, but is it meeting your needs? Can you connect with your customers in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them? Can you deliver messages on the most effective channels and at times when customers are likely to engage?

To double-check whether your customer engagement solution meets your needs this holiday season (and every other season), use this checklist:

If this sounds overwhelming or you feel like it’s too late to get started, our experienced consulting team can support you. With some preparation and a plan, Dunn Solutions can work with you to have your most successful Black Friday ever this year- and beyond.


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Source: Emarsys E-Book: POWER UP YOUR BLACK FRIDAY: 10 Omnichannel Strategies to Beat Competitors and Make More $$$


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